1. Who is Million Lights?

We are a group of educationalists, people with extensive experience at the Policy making level in Government and businessmen with deep connects in the education space. Million Lights provides training and content through its Learning Management System.

2. How do we give the exam? Will it be online or offline?

You can give your examination from your home/netcafe or anywhere, you can access our LMS. The exam will be online.

3. Why should be I be doing this course, how it will benefit me?

This is a skill based course, it will enhance your skills and help you in your career after certification.

4. How long does a typical exam take?

A duration of exam will depend on the course you are taking.

5. What is a Coupon code? How to use it?

The coupon code is the entry to the course. You can enter the coupon code on the top right corner and click on activate.

6. How will I get my certificate?

Once you pass the online exam, your certificate will be automatically generated. You have an option to Print it.

7. Where can I find my exam results?

Exam results are displayed on your screen immediately after you complete an exam. For those who pass, automatically, certificate will be generated.

8. Will you provide any placement service to help me to get a job?

We will assist you in your placement like forwarding your resume to corporates who are associated with us but do not guarantee or promise any job or job interviews.

9. Can I view or learn free courses available with Million Lights?

Yes, you can enroll in free courses but you can only access these courses when you have enrolled for it.

10. Will I be receiving any certificate for any of these free courses?

Yes, you will get certification for the free course , provided you complete the course and pass the exam.

11. How do I enroll for a free course?

Use the free course coupon code, that you might have received , and click on activate.

12. I have paid for the course, how can I access it?

Click on My Account, and click on My Courses. Click on View Course to access the course.

13. Can I join the same course multiple times?

Once you have enrolled for a course, you can access it for lifetime. You need not enroll for it again.

14. I enrolled for a course, but could not study for a long time. Can I access it now? For how long?

Yes, you can access it, provided you have the correct user id/password. Once you enroll for a course, you can use it for lifetime.

15. I want to change my email id

Click on My Account, and click on Profile, Edit Profile to make any changes to your personal details.

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