AutoCAD course for Beginners - Part I-Learn the Industry way .... At your own pace.... in 30 Hrs

Learn the Industry way .... At your own pace.... in 30 Hrs

AutoCAD course for Beginners - Part I

Learn the Industry way .... At your own pace.... in 30 Hrs

A brief summary

This “AutoCAD course for Beginners- Part I” is designed by experts at Digitise IT (India).

This course covers all the basic commands that are used 80% of the time. At the end of this course, you will be a fairly confident user of AutoCAD and will be able to draw “to-scale” Architectural and Mechanical drawings in millimeters.

Course created by Digitise IT (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Digitise IT provides high quality CADD services, spanning diverse engineering domains viz Architectural, Structural, Civil, Mechanical, P&I, Electrical, GIS, among others, to companies across in the US, the UK, and Europe.

Concept and content design by

Ms. Meera Luthra (CEO): over 25 years of CAD experience.

Mr. Habib Shaikh (Sr. Manager): Certified Autodesk Professional with 15 years of hands-on experience,

Content compilation by Mr. Nahid Nalband (Supervisor, In-house training): 10 years of hands-on experience in AutoCAD


Meera Luthra

What you will learn

•    How to download and install AutoCAD 2015.
•    How to Start AutoCAD 2015 and screen explanation.
•    How to Save a drawing and Open a drawing.
•    Understanding Co-ordinate (Cartesian) System.
•    Mouse Functionality, Object Snap- OSNAP, Zoom-Pan.
•    Draw Toolbar and Inquiry Command.
•    Modify Toolbar.
•    Object Selection Method, Undo-Redo.
•    Annotate, Block.

Course Fee: Rs. 999.99

Certification By: Millionlights

How to Start AutoCAD Save a drawing and Open a drawing.

Download AutoCAD (Student Version). Starting AutoCAD. AutoCAD Screen Explanation. Save Drawing. Open Drawing.

Co-ordinate System, Mouse Functionality, Object Snap, Zoom-Pan.

Understanding Cartesian Co-ordinate system. Mouse Functionality. Working with Mouse in AutoCAD. Osnap- End point, Mid point, Center point. Zoom and Pan.

Draw Toolbar and Inquiry Command.

Line– Point to Point. Line– Relative Polar Method. Line-Ortho. Circle. Arc. Polyline. Rectangle. Polygon. Ellipse. Inquiry- Distance.

Modify Toolbar.

Erase. Move. Copy. Rotate. Mirror. Trim. Extend. Offset. Scale. Stretch. Fillet. Chamfer. Explode.

Object Selection Method, Undo-Redo.

Select Object- Pick box (Clicking on object). Window. Crossing. Command Undo. Command Redo

Annotate, Block.

Dtext (Dynamic Text) - Single Line Text. Mtext-Multiline Text. Create Block. Insert Block.

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