Introduction to Computer Programming- IITBX -This course provides students with a foundation in Computer Programming

This course provides students with a foundation in Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Programming- IITBX

This course provides students with a foundation in Computer Programming

A brief summary

Basic concepts of computer programming are introduced starting with the notion of an algorithm. Emphasis is on developing the ability to write programs to solve practical computational problems.


Professor Deepak B Phatak, IIT Bombay, Professor Supratik Chakraborty, IIT Bombay, Nagesh Karmali Sr. Manager ,Research, IIT Bombay, Firuza Yezdi Aibara, Asst. Project Manager, IIT Bombay, R. Venky - Principal Scientist TCS

What you will learn

Algorithms                                          Elements of C/C programming languages

Basic data types                                 Sequential and conditional execution

Iterative solutions                                Arrays, matrices and their applications

Functions                                                 Sorting and searching

Elements of string processing              Introduction to pointers

Basics of Software Engineering            Structures

File Processing

Course Fee: Free

Certification By: Millionlights

Procedures, programs, and computers, Sequential and Conditional execution of Programs

Overview, Preamble, Introduction, Computational Procedures, Mr.Buddhuram Dumbo, Dumbo Computations, Dumbo Moves to C++, Computer Architecture, Representing Integers, Elementary Graphics, Coordinate based graphics, Overview, Representing Floating Point Numbers, Representing Characters, Strings, Booleans, Structure of a Simple C++ Program, Names and Type Declarations in C++, Assignment Statement and Arithmetic Expressions, Assignment Statement and Logical Expressions, Sequential Execution in C++ Programs, Conditional Execution in C++ Programs, An Example with Sequential and Conditional Execution

Iterative Solutions, Functions

Overview, Iteration Idioms: Motivation, While and Do While Statements in C++, For Statement in C++, Loops and Assignment Expressions, Iterative Programs: Putting It All Together, Reasoning About Loops, Overview, Introduction to Functions in Programming, Flow of Control in Function Call, Parameter Passing in Function Calls, Recursive Functions

Arrays and Matrices, Sorting and Searching

Overview, Need for Arrays, Arrays in C++, Using Arrays for Solving Computational Problems, Solving Simultaneous Equations, Gaussian Elimination, More Matrix Applications, Digital Images and Histograms, Associative Arrays for Histogram Equalization, Histogram Equalization Program, Overview, Sorting: Some Motivation, Selection Sort, Analyzing Selection Sort, Merge Sort Intuition, Merge Sort in C++ and Its Analysis, Sorting Strings and Other Data Types, Searching

Strings and Pointers, Structures

Overview, Character Strings, More on Strings, Separating Multiple Words in a Line, Introduction to Pointers, Use of Pointers in C++ Programs, Pointers in Function CallsPointers and Dynamic Memory - Part I, Pointers and Dynamic Memory - Part II, Handout on String Functions, Overview, Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Structures, Simple Operations on Structures, Programming Using Structures, More on Structures, Structures and Pointers, Programming Using Structures

File Processing, Software Engineering Concepts

Overview, Introduction to Files, Opening Files in C++ Program, Function for Processing Data in Files, Handling Input Output Using Files, Handling Text Data Using 'scanf' and 'printf', Handling Data in Text Files, Creating a Binary File, Directly Accessing and Updating Records in a File, Introduction to Software Engineering, Basic Principles of Software Engineering,

Scripting Language In the Web World, The Larger World Of Programming

Internet Technologies, Hyper Text Markup Language, Lists and Images, How to be Smart(er), Embedded Systems (Software) - Introduction

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