Red Hat Linux Enterprise-Technical Overview-Basic Linux techniques and system administration,

Basic Linux techniques and system administration,

Red Hat Linux Enterprise-Technical Overview

Basic Linux techniques and system administration,

A brief summary

This course will teach students the basics of Linux and demonstrate basic practical techniques of Linux use and system administration tasks for professionals new to the operating system.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you the tools you need to modernize your infrastructure, boost efficiency through standardization and virtualization, and ultimately prepare your datacenter for an open, hybrid cloud IT architecture.    

You will have a basic understanding of the Linux operating system. Short lectures and demonstrations will cover distribution, shell, kernel, userspace, file hierarchy, permissions, and more. This course will prepare students for further study of the core system administration tasks required to test for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam.


Red Hat

What you will learn

  • Understand the applications of Linux at a high level.
  • Practice basic Linux techniques and system administration tasks.
  • Students will be prepared to take more advanced courses and including those leading to the RHCSA exam

Course Fee: Free

Certification By: Not Certified


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Files in Linux

Files in Linux, The File System Hierarchy, Editing Text Files in a Terminal, Users and Groups, File Permissions,

Managing and Configuring Network

How Do I Manage Software in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, How Do I Configure Networking from the Command Line? , How Do I Control System Startup Processes?, How Do I Learn More About Linux?

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